Nasal Congestion

The weather is closing in on us, and some of us may have already started to experience nasal congestion, cough, fever and other flu-like symptoms. These symptoms usually clear within a few weeks, but in some cases a blocked nose can persist for longer, and can turn into a chronic nasal congestion. Chronic congestion can still be caused by viruses or bacteria, but it is important to visit your doctor to make sure there are no underlying conditions, like allergies, environmental irritants or deviated septum.

Even though nasal congestion rarely causes major health problems, it helps a lot to know there are natural remedies that you can use to help yourself breath better again. Isotonic seawater nasal sprays are ideal for nasal decongestion in both children and adults, including pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Our seawater nasal sprays have several benefits over similar products:

– they do not contain any preservatives or colorants, and are made of the purest seawater

– they are sterile and every batch undergoes physical, chemical and bacteriological tests

– they do not contain propellent gases, and are safe on the environment

Some of our sprays contain additional ingredients, like essential oils or propolis. Even these products are free from allergens, due to the special titration method by which propolis is obtained.

Do not wait for your nose to get congested, make sure you have one of our sprays at hand.