Isotonic Seawater Nasal Spray Moisturising Baby (100ml/3.38oz)


Athomer All-Natural Seawater Moisturizing Nasal Spray – a Natural Nasal Decongestant and Mild Saline Solution for Newborns to Adults – Moisturizing Mist for Clogged and Stuffy Nose – 360-Degree Nozzle  – (3.38 Fl Oz)

✅ BREATHE FREELY – Clear out your little one’s or your clogged airways in seconds. This sea salt water nose spray helps loosen mucus that blocks the nasal passage, restoring comfortable breathing. ATHOMER ALL-NATURAL NASAL SPRAY is 100% natural, sterile isotonic seawater that will help you and your little one breathe freely again.

✅ PROMOTES NOSE HEALTH – Spraying this natural nose spray into your nose washes out irritants and hydrate nasal tissues. Relieves allergic rhinitis symptoms, including blocked noses, sinus pressure, and runny noses. Helps and restores the nasal function of the nose. Suitable for the entire family.

✅ SUITABLE FOR NEWBORNS – Not sure if this natural nasal spray may be used on your newborn? This mild nasal spray bottle only contains natural seawater that is gentle on the delicate nasal tissue of your baby.

✅ EASY TO ADMINISTER – Applying this moisturizing spray is an easy task. The nose spray bottle is fitted with a nozzle that rotates 360 degrees, ensuring easy application on babies lying on their back.

✅ STERILE, ISOTONIC, mild nasal spray recommended for sinusitis, Hay fever, cold, allergies, and blocked nose. FREE of  gases, colorants, drugs, steroid or preservatives

✅ DOSAGE: 2-4 times a day or as frequently as needed. 360 degree-rotating nozzle for easy application.

✅ 3.38 FL OZ (100 ml) makes it easy to carry, and convenient size when traveling.

Nasal congestion may give your baby a clogged nose, noisy breathing, or some difficulty while feeding. While having a stuffy nose is quite common and not much concern for babies, your little one needs extra help clearing out congestion because their airways are still tiny. Using ordinary nasal decongestants, however, may be too harsh for your little one, especially those that may contain harsh chemicals.

This Sterile Isotonic Sea Water Spray by Athomer is all about gently clearing out the stuffy noses and it is suitable for the entire family.

Athomer is a superior 100% natural, sterile isotonic seawater and helps you breathe freely again.

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The nose is considered “the gatekeeper of the lungs”, so it makes perfect sense to keep the nose in good health at all times. When nasal tissues get inflamed or irritated, this can trigger fits of sneezing, runny nose, or sniffles for your baby.

This sea water spray may help clear away congestion caused by dust, mucus, or airborne pollutants – allowing your little one to breathe comfortably in no time.

This nasal spray is also highly praised by adults! You will also like it. A gentle solution for everyday use.

360 rotating head

360 rotating head
NEWBORN babies and most young children are not yet able to blow their noses to clear out congestion.
Sleeping with a stuffy nose is an uncomfortable experience for your little one. If your baby’s sleep is always interrupted by breathing troubles, that means poor sleep for you as well, as you have to keep getting out of bed to soothe your little one. Spray this sea water solution in your baby’s nose before bedtime to help keep his/her airways clear and properly hydrated all night. To make way for easy application, this saline spray’s bottle is fitted with a rotating round nozzle., so you can easily administer the spray even while your baby is lying on his/her back. (see reviews).

We also recommend to use Benny Nasal Aspirator to remove the mucus from your little one nose.

Healthy babies who can sleep and feed without interruptions are balanced and happy. Their development’s also faster.


  • naturally moisturises and clears nasal congestion and also protects nasal mucosa,
  • removes mucus, allergens, infective pathogens, inflammatory mediators— such as prostaglandins and leukotrienes — and air pollutants- responsible for various diseases,
  • helps and restores nasal function of the nose,
  • rotating 360 sprayer to facilitate spraying to any direction,
  • treatment of Sinonasal diseases, Rhinosinusitis and Nasal Polyps, allergic and non-allergic Rhinitis, Adult Sinusitis.


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Using this sterile sea water spray is as easy as can be.

Each pump of the spray nozzle delivers a single dose. For babies dealing with congestion, administer at least 4 sprayings in each nostril, up to 4 times per day.

For preventive use, 1 to 2 sprayings in each nostril per day is recommended.

Athomer provides specialized sprayers so each spraying is dose metered. In this way, sea water is inserted in the nasal cavities in the form of microscopic particles that help in its absorption and dissolution of the excess.


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Use this nasal spray without worrying about irritating your little one’s delicate airways.

This isotonic saline solution only uses pure sea water from the Aegean Sea. It is naturally rich in marine minerals and trace elements, such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, and sodium.

The solution does not contain any colorants, gases, preservatives, or chemicals that may cause dryness or irritation of the nasal linings.


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Keep this nasal spray inside your baby bag at all times. It easily fits in your baby’s diaper bag, first aid cabinet or car compartment.

Give the gift of comfortable breathing with this natural decongestant. This sea water nasal spray will make a thoughtful present for new parents or newborn babies on Christmas, baby showers, or birthdays.

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A pearl on the market, honestly:-)” For adults and children of all age.

ATHOMER ALL-NATURAL NASAL SPRAY is 100% natural, sterile isotonic seawater that will help you and your little one breathe freely again.


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