Frequently Asked Questions.
This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not asked and answered on these pages please contact us.
What are the benefits using our nasal aspirators?

Both Nosy® or Benny® nasal aspirators are approved and recommended by paediatricians and health visitors and can be used from birth.

They are safe, quick, effective and still gentle to your baby.

Both  Nosy® and Benny® are ideal for babies and toddlers and safe for newborns. Babies and the rest of the family feels more relaxed and happier!

  • Removing excess mucus from small stuffy noses you
  • reduce the risk of ear infections, coughs and stomach upsets,
  • reduce the duration of illness,
  • reduce seriousness of related conditions,
  • accelerate recovery, and
  • always help to have a better night’s sleep for everybody!

What makes all the difference compared to other aspirators is the steady and continuous suction which is perfectly controlled.

It is a quick, simple method of relieving the baby’s nasal congestion.
Nosy® and Benny® are hygienic and very easy to clean. No sterilisation needed. They are also:

  • clinically tested and approved,
  • painless without known side effects, and

made of high-quality, durable, BPA free, transparent parts to allow you to monitor the amount and consistency of the removed mucus.

They offer immediate relief for your baby and yourself.

And the easy bit:
Easy to use and easy to clean.

How can it be safe when it is attached to a vacuum cleaner and why vacuum cleaner?

Many of us have asked this question. It is absolutely safe! Used on millions of children. A life saver when needed.
The unique design of this aspirator self-regulates suction to a safe level. You can try it yourself. It only gives you a tickling sensation 🙂

Paediatricians use the same method in hospital, and their strength of suction is a bit stronger.
The vacuum cleaner is the only device at households which can provide a consistent and controlled suction. The apparatus only sucks with the help of a vacuum cleaner, but not with its strength and it gives a steady, continuous suction which makes all the difference. very well engineered indeed.

What is the main difference between Benny®/Nosy® (Angel-Vac®/Pisze® in other countries) and the ordinary nasal aspirators?

The continuous, steady suction makes all the difference.

What is the main difference between Benny® and Nosy® (Angel-Vac® or Pisze)?

The nozzle and the container is designed differently, the method of their operation is the the same.
The nozzle for Nosy has a green rubber cover for extra comfort for the little ones. The container for Benny is bigger.

How far do I need to place the end of the nasal aspirator into my baby’s stuffy nose?

Thanks for the unique design you just put it under each nostril in turn and suck. Even when your baby is using it she can’t harm herself with it.

Do I have to sterilise any part of the aspirator?

There is no need to sterilise it.
Simply just wash it with warm, soapy water or using a sterilising solution if you feel so. Rinse with warm water, air dry and keep it in a clean place.

When is the best time to use nasal aspirators?

Use it when needed, when your baby has a snotty nose.
You could use it as many times as you would blow your nose. Easy, fast and convenient. Use it before feed/breastfeed or before bedtime and you can enjoy parenthood.
During bath make sure that the bathroom nice and “steamy”. It also helped us to soften the mucus of our baby daughter.

Sometimes we also use essential oils in her bath water (Advice: first mix the oil with some milk and then add the mix to the water. The milk help the oil to “mix” with the water.).

What about saline drops, essential oils, vitamins, antibiotics, room temperature?

Our nasal aspirators work much better than saline drops, but you can use them together for the best result if your baby’s nose is all dry and crusty. Use saline drops a few minutes before using nasal aspirators to soften the mucus for a better result.

Essential oils helped us a lot to get a good night sleep. Use Lavender oil for better sleep. Put some hot water in a bowl and add some drops in it. It helps.

When your baby had really dry and crusty nose,  boil some water in her room to increase the humidity.

Keep the room temperature down (18oC). It also helps your baby to breathe easier during her sleep.

Vitamins may help, however they are better for prevention than cure.

Antibiotics are not effective against the common cold, they can do more harm than good if taken when they’re not needed.

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