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Iron Drops, ORGANIC water soluble IRON (Fe 2+) supplement


Dr. Kontos Essential Iron Drops, an advanced organic water soluble IRON (Fe 2+) supplement NON-ALLERGIC.



Dr. Kontos Iron Drops – FULVIC Acid with Fe2+ an Organic Complex Vital for Blood Forming, Vitality, Energy Release – Vegan Friendly Formula – 1 Fl Oz

Essential Iron Drops is an advanced organic water soluble IRON (Fe 2+) supplement NON-ALLERGENIC.

✅ SUPPORT NATURAL ENERGY PRODUCTION – Many people today don’t get enough minerals from their diet, resulting in various health issues. Our Iron supplement with fulvic acid (patented form) makes a perfect complement to any diet!

✅ CONTRIBUTE HEALTHY IMMUNE FUNCTION – Iron is well-known to boost immune system, and can be found in every cells.

✅ HIGHEST STANDARDS OF QUALITY – A superior organic formula. Our Drops are non-GMO and VEGAN-friendly! Enjoy overall WELLNESS.

✅ MAINTAIN BLOOD OXYGEN LEVEL – Iron plays vital part in red cell and haemoglobin formation. Essential Iron Drops are very gentle to stomach.

✅ ORGANIC COMPLEX – our drops deliver the trace minerals in the preferred form for your body.

1 bottle is approx.1 month’s supply (600 drops)



✓ Safe and pure

✓ Suitable and recommended during pregnancy

Suitable for Vegans, FREE from alcohol, GMO, preservatives, sweeteners, gluten.

Ferrous (Fe +2) forms are more soluble than the dietary ferric (Fe +3) form, with twice the absorbability!

Iron can be found in every cells. Symptoms of  anaemia include:


Causes can be:

  •  Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  •  Menstruation
  •  Cancer in Digestive Tract
  •  Peptic Ulcer Disease
  •  Blood loss  




Our Essential Iron drops is the fastest absorbing Iron (Fe +2) supplement in the world, a water-soluble complex.

A stable liquid solution, controllable doses. 

Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Daily recommended dose:

  • Women aged 19 to 50: 14.8mg a day
  • Men over 18:  8.7mg
  • During pregnancy:  27mg  a day

Essential Drops by Dr. Köntös for you and your family.
Use our organic drops on a daily basis to maintain your health and appearance!
Your wellbeing is important, using our fulvic acid complexes will benefit you from day one.

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