Nosy Nasal Aspirator

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Nosy® Nasal Aspirator (0+ ) is designed to remove mucus safely and effectively.



Nosy® Nasal Aspirator (0+ ) is designed to remove mucus safely and effectively. No more blocked or runny nose! You will love it! It is easy to use and prevents the development of complications (e.g. ear-infections) and aids better sleep – for everyone!

Nosy is a safe, fast, effective nasal aspirator trusted by 100.000’s parents. “The best product for snotty noses by far! fast delivery very pleased”

The best relief when your baby has a stuffy or runny nose. Helps feeding and sleeping. Immediate relief for you and your family. “Fantastic product! I’d recommend it for everyone.

Baby essential! No any other products work like this for sure..”

Easy to use, easy to clean. “Dont know how you can survive without one of these!

Nosy can be used with any vacuum cleaners. The only way you can maintain a steady and continuous vacuum. And it makes all the difference!

“We have been using it for 3 years and will use if for our second child as well. Our baby has been using it on her own since she was 18months old and she likes it. We too:-)”

1 review for Nosy Nasal Aspirator

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mrs A

    I bought this product, few months ago for my 2 and half year old child. Even if he knows how to blow his nose, the aspirator is still needed, when the nose is stuffed and the nasal secretions are too thick that by blowing are not coming out entirely. In those cases, he alone is using this aspirator.
    … I found it very hard, and only on Amazon, ….and only from two sellers.

    That’s very odd, because, you people, you don’t know what you’re missing. You don’t know how useful this is, and how much trouble free becomes those times when our child has got the flue. It is not dangerous at all !!! Easy to clean, by the tap with the hot water flow. When the nose is too stuffed, we used to turn the hoover at maximum power 1800 W, and there is NO problem at all with the child’s nose. Just a bit noisy, but that is not a problem, on my opinion. You don’t buy one? Your loss.

    I recommend it.

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